O for a summer noon, when light and breeze
Sport on the grass, like ripples o’er a lake
Alive with freshness! when the full round Sun,
With the Creator’s smile upon his face,
Walks like a prince of glory through the path
Of Heaven!—Thou vast, and ever-glorious sky,
Mantling the earth with thy majestic robe…
~Robert Montgomery, “Beautiful Influences,”




The heaven showered love. And two lovers bathed under it. Taking inspiration from the eternal bond two people share, my first oil painting, celebrates the unison of soulmates. The backdrop here brings all the mood and colours to life. It symbolizes the moods every relationship bears! The beautiful symphony of colours, string a melody that depicts vibrancy and energy. Unconditional love is now painted on a canvas! If you’ve shared a similar emotion, or long to do so, feel free to comment.



It’s never easy to escape blue, not when one has grown up under the biggest blue expanse there is, the skies. Not when, if one is lucky, the expanses of blue stretch ever onwards to the curving horizon, the seas.
And to wrap it around self is to anchor oneself as strongly to the seas as to the sky, with curves for horizons, as alluring with the slopes as with the inclines.
To wrap the blue around with the elements is to be in one’s element, at once complete in bridging the two blues. Suspended yet rooted.